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Beer and Cheese Logistics: A Latvian Midsummer Tradition

What could be more relevant on the eve of Midsummer than cheese and beer? (Of course, there's also barbecue (BBQ), but we'll leave the logistics of that for another time)

Līgo is one of the biggest celebrations in the country, and beer and Jāņi cheese are an inseparable part of the festivities. During Līgo, Latvians consume approximately 3.5-4 million litres of beer and around 100 tons of cheese! As for Jāņi cheese, this popular Līgo delicacy is also consumed in large quantities. On average, Jāņi cheese sales during Līgo reach around 90-130 tons. This type of cheese is produced by both large manufacturers and many households throughout Latvia.

Here are some statistics, which may vary depending on sources and accounting methods:

  • Beer consumption per capita in Latvia is approximately 66-70 litres per year.
  • Total beer consumption in the country per year is approximately 1.25-1.3 million hectoliters (125-130 million litres), considering a population of 1.9 million people.
  • Latvia produces approximately 800,000 hectoliters (80 million litres) of beer. (This figure can change every year.)
  • Import and export data depend on the accounting methods, as many Latvian beer brands are produced outside of Latvia, and in fact, Latvia unfortunately imports 2/3 of its total beer volume.
  • Cheese consumption in Latvia (not just Jāņi cheese) per capita in recent years has been around 18-20 kilograms per year.
  • Considering Latvia's population of approximately 1.9 million people, the total cheese consumption in the country could be around 34-38 thousand tons per year.
  • Latvia imports approximately 8-10 thousand tons of cheese. Imports mainly come from European Union countries such as Germany, Poland, and Lithuania.
  • Latvia exports approximately 18-20 thousand tons of cheese, and the destinations are EU and CIS countries! In the case of cheese, the import-export ratio is more favourable for our country than for beer!

When planning the transportation of such goods as food, particularly beer and cheese, several other challenges are added to the usual ones! And it's not just special temperature-controlled transportation conditions! For example, there are strong seasonal fluctuations - summer and pre-holiday periods!

  • Operational replenishment of stocks and more complex deliveries to various locations where recipients await them! For example, historic city centres with narrow streets, basements, or deliveries to summer recreation areas in nature or by the sea!

Even without specializing in food transportation, our company has provided "last mile deliveries" of beer for about 1% of the total volume in Latvia! Our company's employees can plan and implement the deliveries above and get your beer and cheese to the right place at the right time!

So, if you're looking for a reliable partner to transport your beer and cheese this Līgo, look no further! We'll make sure your precious cargo arrives fresh and on time, so you can enjoy the festivities without a worry.
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