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Moving to the Countryside Without Drowning in Belongings: 5 Secrets from a Logistics Expert

Moving to the Countryside: Drowning in a Sea of Belongings or Easy Transportation in One Day?
Greetings, friends!
The season of summer retreats is knocking on the door! But how to transport all the necessary things to the countryside without drowning in this sea of belongings?
In this article, I, a logistics specialist, will share my secrets on how to make your move as easy and comfortable as possible.
So, you've decided to move to the countryside for the summer season. It's a wonderful opportunity to take a break from the city bustle, enjoy fresh air and greenery. But you inevitably face the question: how to transport all the necessary things?
This issue is especially acute if you have:
  • Large-sized items: greenhouses, swimming pools, garden sheds, gazebos, benches.
  • Non-standard items: sculptures, fountains, garden arches.
  • Fragile items: dishes, figurines, houseplants.
Don't panic! With proper preparation and professional help, you can easily cope with this task.
Here are some tips to help you organize your move:
1. Make a list of things. This will help you estimate the volume of the cargo to be transported and choose the appropriate transport.
2. Pack your belongings. Use sturdy boxes, bags, scotch tape, and packing paper. Don't forget to label the boxes so that you don't waste time looking for the things you need later.
3. Choose the transport. You will need a truck to transport large-sized items. If you have a few things, you can use a van or minivan.
4. Order the services of movers. Professional movers will quickly and accurately load and unload your belongings.
5. Don't forget about the documents. Take your passport, driver's license (if you will be driving a truck), documents for the country house and the transported things.
And the most important thing - don't do everything at the last moment! Start preparing for the move a few weeks in advance so that you don't rush and don't forget anything important.
Trust your move to professionals!
LATCARRIER is a team of experienced specialists who will help you transport your belongings to the countryside quickly, carefully and at a good price.
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